Security Gates

Keep Track of Who Enters and Leaves Your Building

Install security gates in South Carolina
Whether you’re at home or at work, you want to feel safe and protected. The security experts at Eli Controls, LLC are here to make your your property more secure, so you can rest easy knowing the people inside are safe from intruders. We install sliding and swinging security gates to manage access in and out of private properties and parking facilities.

From decorative aluminum to industrial chain-link and barbed wire fences, the security experts at Eli Controls install gated entry systems designed to look great and keep you safe. Protect yourself and your employees from trespassers with a secure gate installed by professionals. Call 803-712-3547 to schedule an installation. We service most of South Carolina including Columbia, Greenville and Charleston.

Choose the right security access system for you

We offer a wide variety of systems, and we can design a custom option to suit your specific needs. Applications for these security systems include:

  • Industrial perimeter security – install a secure gate to protect your warehouse or industrial park from intruders.
  • Parking lot entry – our parking access and revenue control system allows you to manage access and collect parking revenue from users.
  • Gated community entrance – install a decorative aluminum gate at your home, residential complex or office park.

Call 803-712-3547 today to schedule an installation at your office, home or residential community. We service Columbia, Greenville, Charleston and all points in-between!