Access Control

Manage visitor access and movement of employees at your facilities. More than just locking and unlocking doors, Eli Controls designs and installs card access systems to provide you the information and control to easily manage a complete business security solution.

If your business has one access point or multiple entry points, Card access security systems can be scaled and customized to fit your business and security needs. A well designed, installed and serviced system has proven to be a highly effective means for easily handling employee safety and protecting a company's infrastructure. Call 803-712-3547 to learn more about our access control services.

Keyless Entry Benefits Include:

  • Add or delete employees quickly and easily with user-friendly software
  • Create reports of card user's activity
  • Control access into sensitive areas
  • Variable user levels or time frames
  • Restrict walk-in traffic and reduce security threats
  • Biometric Recognition technology
  • Remotely manage your system from anywhere
  • Integrates with intrusion alarm systems
  • Integrates with security camera systems

Contact one of our security specialists to find the best access control solution for your business.