Software House: Security Innovations that Endure

Managing credentials to keep people productive, no matter where they are!

Managing security in today's dynamic, data-driven, safety obsessed climate is a challenge - one that requires much more from access control solutions than ever before. Software House is a recognized leader in security innovations that tackle the ever-changing security requirements a business
faces. By leveraging its feature-rich, enterprise-ready platform, organizations are able to put life-safety, identity protection, and business continuity at the center of their security strategy, allowing business leaders to confidently govern across the entire enterprise.

Software House security innovations allow businesses to:
• Take a more integrated, automated approach to managing identities and access
• Proactively address security risks and enforce compliance policies
• Mitigate risk and respond to incidents immediately
• Simplify the experience while strengthening security across the entire enterprise

Complete Visibility and Mobility for 24/7 Mission Critical Security

Complete Visibility and Mobility for 24/7 Mission Critical Security

It's safe to say the job of managing identities and access throughout an enterprise is more challenging than ever. Employees travel to different facilities - sometimes with very little notice - and having access is paramount to an efficient and productive workforce. Software House innovations in mobile security ensure you have complete visibility of every cardholder and can quickly accommodate every clearance modification, holiday addition, or card activation - no matter where employees go or how quickly they need access.