Company Profile

Eli Controls in Columbia and Charleston, SC, is a full-service security solutions provider focusing on business and industrial facilities electronic security and automation needs. Our full suit of services ranges from consultative needs through turnkey deployment of technology to long-term service and maintenance of the solutions we provide. We are also able to provide service and equipment monitoring on various types of existing systems.

We work with our customers and vendors to help ensure that technology serves a meaningful and value-added role in safeguarding and securing our clients’ assets. We continually strive to provide the best possible customer service and quality security products. We have selected the most reliable and innovative product partners in the world. We invest a tremendous amount of time and money to ensure we are able to meet these objectives.


  • - IP Door Controllers
    - Badging Solutions
    - Enhanced Reporting
    - Time & Attendance
    - Multisite Management
    - Surveillance Integration
    - Gate Arms
    - Turnstiles
    - Telephone Entry
    - Operation Maintenance
    - Wireless ID Entry
    Paging & Intercom
    - Modular Expansion
    - Phone System Integration
    - Addressable Multi-Zone
    - Noisy Environment
  • Fire
    -UL Monitoring
    -Fire and Burglar Alarm Monitoring
    -(GSM) Cellular Communications
    -IP Communications
    - High Defination IP Cameras
    - 360 Degree PTZ Cameras
    - Thermal Imaging Cameras
    - License Plate Analytics
    - Covert Security Cameras
    - Intuitive User Friendly Interface
    - Remote Viewing